Is There Such Thing As Luck?

I believe there is. If there is good luck, there is also contra-luck – a situation or condition that works against luck. There is no such thing as "bad luck" because luck is always good. It is something positive.

Some people opine that "there is no luck, only hard work." I believe instead that work — hard or otherwise — and luck work together. There are extraordinary cases of luck like winning a million cash from the lottery or any raffle. But even such thing requires work. You have to do something. You have to buy a ticket, which is your investment or your risk, fill out the raffle ticket, and drop it in drop boxes. Even if by surprise you receive an inheritance, it may be due to something you have done well for your benefactor. Being nice and kind is already an investment. That is called an effortlessly emotional work.

Luck exists whether we like it or not. It is a gift for every one. But we must also accept the fact that luck does not happen every day. It picks a certain time synchronous with our disposition, actions, or state of mind. That's the reason why, at times, we experience "bad" or "not so good" days. In principle, "bad' times are consequences of our actions. At other times, we fall victims of the unnecessary actions of other people. At other times, we are defeated by our fellow contenders for the simple reason that we compete with one another every day. Just to find a parking slot for your car is part of an everyday competition.

Jim Francis, founder-editor of the Australasian Lateral Thinking Newsletter, has done extensive research about luck. He describes luck as "a personal, psychokinetic resonance with the environment." In other words, you and your surroundings work together in harmony in order to tap luck. In his research, he found out that luck works in a cycle. That's the reason why we have "bad" days and good days. It's the law of balance. We cannot be all lucky all at the same time. He also discovered that luck can be triggered at will, which means that you can make luck work for you more frequently so that you are not defeated in the everyday competition.

If you're interested in Jim Francis's extensive research, you may visit his site here.