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Secret To Eternal Youth?

While writing this, 400-500 tweets from the hashtag #MyHusbandsLover plague my Twitter every minute. This Philippine drama is phenomenal. It continues to trend on Twitter every day since its pilot episode.

But my topic today is not about this drama series My Husband's Lover (GMA Network). I'm writing about this so-called lost Tibetan secret to eternal youth! I had to buy the product so I could test it if there's truth to what it claims. You can check out the product here.

The product is not something you apply to your body or take it orally. It is just an ebook. The book writes a short background how the "secret" was discovered by Peter Kelder, who spent time in a monastery with the Dalai Lama. The main content of the book is about the procedure on how to go about what is called the "5 secret rituals" that the monks from a Himalayan monastery regularly perform. I haven't seen any Himalayan monk so I don't know how old they are and how young the…