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Your Self Image Contributes In Achieving Your Goals

Megan Young, as a child, had a habit of walking and pretending that she was a model and a beauty queen. She was not dreaming of becoming one. She simply acted like one. Some twenty years after, Miss World crowned her as Miss World 2013.
China Crowning The Philippines - Prophetic?

In the book "The Magic Of Believing", it told a story about a young American girl who believed that she was a princess. Many years after, a prince in India fell in love with her and they got married.

In an airport, after a tour abroad, the customs did not open the boxes that the traveler, who was not a rich guy but looked like a wealthy man, brought with him. His friend, who was a wealthy person but looked like a poor person, had all his boxes and luggage opened and inspected scrutinizingly by the customs officer. (You don't have to wear jewelry and expensive signature clothes in order to look rich.)

Back in college, my classmates thought that I was rich. I never argued with them. I let them believed that I was rich even if I was not. When I was working in the corporate world, the people around me believed the same. They believed I was a rich man. But I never disagreed with them. I simply allowed them to continuously believe that I was a wealthy person even if I was simply an ordinary man. Why did they believe as such? Upon learning that I lived in a city popularly known as a city for the wealthy, they automatically believed that I was wealthy as well. Not knowing, that in that city, there lived poor families as well.

Being a poor guy, back in college, I believed that I didn't have to look poor, dress up like a peasant, and behave like an uneducated person for the reason that I was in fact a poor guy. I dressed up like a rich man. I behaved like a rich man -- cultured and educated. I speak with manners and follow good etiquettes. I observed how wealthy people behave and move. I read materials about good manners, etc. I believed inside me that I was I rich guy even if in truth I was not. For that reason, people regarded me as a rich person. I took that as a complement and would simply return a smile. My belief was that a poor person doesn't have to look and behave like a poor man; otherwise, that would be double jeopardy.

Self image is important. If you carry yourself with a self image that exudes who you want to be someday, better start believing now. As far as self development is concerned, who you want to be now is what you are.


How Long Does It Take To Remove A Bad Habit Or Belief?

Some say that it takes 21 to 90 days to form a habit. Therefore, to reverse a bad habit or belief also takes 21 to 90 days or even longer. Tough? No! It is tougher. It is tougher to reverse a bad habit or belief because it takes two processes: first is to remove or erase the bad "data" in your mind (subconscious-unconscious); second is to replace it with new and better "data" (actually, neuron cells).

Have you ever wondered why a single and short traumatic experience could have a lifetime effect on you? The reason for that is the huge emotion that you put on it. That emotion is like an indelible ink that printed the bad habit in your brain. It was engraved in it.

Bad habits and beliefs caused by traumatic experiences are the hardest to reverse. It takes a lot of time, like years, to reverse it.

On the other hand, a positive emotion, no matter how huge it is, is not enough to replace the bad habits or beliefs formed by a traumatic experience. It takes repeated re-conditioning of the mind to reform such bad habits or beliefs. For that reason, if you want to remove any negative habit or belief in your mind, better start reversing now because it doesn't happen overnight.


Pronoia: The Universe Is Friendly

Pronoia is defined as a belief that the universe is friendly. The word was coined in 1982 by Fred Goldner, a sociologist.

People have bad habits and beliefs that they are not aware of. Some writers call this unconscious incompetence. Bad habits and beliefs are also called goal blockers.

Say you have a habit of eating milk chocolates after every meal. For you, this is normal — not bad at all. At the same time, you want to lose weight. But no matter how hard you try, you continue to gain weight. Why is that? The answer is that, there must be an old habit that is blocking your goal. And it could be your habit of binge eating of milk chocolates.

So what's the solution? The solution is to turn things positively with new thoughts that are positive. For example, "Eating dark chocolates after a meal increases my metabolism." This new positive thought must be able to convince you and reverse your bad habit of feasting on milk chocolates. Don't say, "Eating milk chocolates is good for me." You can't trick yourself turning your bad habit that way.

Do you believe that the world is unfair and cruel? Do you believe that life sucks? Try to reverse your belief so that you are not stuck in an unwanted situation.
The world is friendly. Believe that the universe is friendly. Pronoia.


Is There Such Thing As Luck?

I believe there is. If there is good luck, there is also contra-luck – a situation or condition that works against luck. There is no such thing as "bad luck" because luck is always good. It is something positive.

Some people opine that "there is no luck, only hard work." I believe instead that work — hard or otherwise — and luck work together. There are extraordinary cases of luck like winning a million cash from the lottery or any raffle. But even such thing requires work. You have to do something. You have to buy a ticket, which is your investment or your risk, fill out the raffle ticket, and drop it in drop boxes. Even if by surprise you receive an inheritance, it may be due to something you have done well for your benefactor. Being nice and kind is already an investment. That is called an effortlessly emotional work.

Luck exists whether we like it or not. It is a gift for every one. But we must also accept the fact that luck does not happen every day. It picks a certain time synchronous with our disposition, actions, or state of mind. That's the reason why, at times, we experience "bad" or "not so good" days. In principle, "bad' times are consequences of our actions. At other times, we fall victims of the unnecessary actions of other people. At other times, we are defeated by our fellow contenders for the simple reason that we compete with one another every day. Just to find a parking slot for your car is part of an everyday competition.

Jim Francis, founder-editor of the Australasian Lateral Thinking Newsletter, has done extensive research about luck. He describes luck as "a personal, psychokinetic resonance with the environment." In other words, you and your surroundings work together in harmony in order to tap luck. In his research, he found out that luck works in a cycle. That's the reason why we have "bad" days and good days. It's the law of balance. We cannot be all lucky all at the same time. He also discovered that luck can be triggered at will, which means that you can make luck work for you more frequently so that you are not defeated in the everyday competition.

If you're interested in Jim Francis's extensive research, you may visit his site here.


When I Stumbled Upon The Real Mind Power Secrets

I stumbled upon the Real Mind Power Secrets during the time I was very low, had very low self-esteem, feeling hopeless, didn't know what to do with my life, and wondering why my life was a mess, unfortunate, and sad. Doodling and Googling on my computer, typing words like "help me", "save me" but nothing useful would come out of the web page.

My continuous search, not exactly on the Net, for solutions and reasons on how to uplift my life led me to something else. Actually, I didn't find that "something", that "something" found me. It's like the answer to my questions came to me by itself as if saying, "Hey, I heard you're looking for me. Here I am."

I clicked an ad that led me to an opt-in page. The next day, and every now and then, I was receiving email from a guy named Song. In one of his emails, a link brought me to the Real Mind Power Secrets.

Real Mind Power Secrets is full of "secrets", i.e. knowledge that you'd never think it was part of knowledge. I have a hunger for knowledge. I'd like to know what else we don't know and what the schools do not teach us. That's why the information I learned from Real Mind Power Secrets amazed me totally.

The site is very rich with information.  For a few dollars, every single cent is more than what it is worth.

However, the Real Mind Power Secrets is not for everyone, I think. You must be in the same wave length as I am. You have to believe in the stuff, otherwise, it's useless knowing the unconventional information. You have to have an objective mind and allow the stuff to work for you.


Secret To Eternal Youth?

While writing this, 400-500 tweets from the hashtag #MyHusbandsLover plague my Twitter every minute. This Philippine drama is phenomenal. It continues to trend on Twitter every day since its pilot episode.

But my topic today is not about this drama series My Husband's Lover (GMA Network). I'm writing about this so-called lost Tibetan secret to eternal youth! I had to buy the product so I could test it if there's truth to what it claims. You can check out the product here.

The product is not something you apply to your body or take it orally. It is just an ebook. The book writes a short background how the "secret" was discovered by Peter Kelder, who spent time in a monastery with the Dalai Lama. The main content of the book is about the procedure on how to go about what is called the "5 secret rituals" that the monks from a Himalayan monastery regularly perform. I haven't seen any Himalayan monk so I don't know how old they are and how young they look. So, I have to pass writing an account about that.

The so-called "5 secret rituals" is a set of body exercises, which I think are like yogic exercises, that you have to perform everyday. I followed the procedures as instructed for about 5 months. As a form of stretching, I find the exercises worth performing. I am not into yoga; I've been wanting to that's why I enjoyed doing the exercises.

The result. 

While doing the routine for weeks, I felt that the condition of my body and mind are a lot better. I felt dynamic and energetic everyday. As to looking younger, that I do not know. Perhaps, I am too accustomed to my face that I could hardly notice any difference. If someone I haven't seen for a long time could tell me, maybe he or she might see any difference. 

Fortunately, an old client requested me to visit her office. As soon as she saw me, she remarked, "There's something different about you. I just don't know what." I don't know what she meant. I simply responded with a smile.

Too bad, I stopped doing the routine after a few months of testing it for the reason that I am actually lazy doing any workout routines.

If you're interested in the book, here's the site to go to.


How I Learned To Meditate Without Knowing It

In my early teenage life, I discovered that I had a tendency to be violent when provoked, humiliated, and heckled. Thankfully, at a young age, I was already aware that being violent was not a good behavior, that I must avoid it, and so, change myself.

In the catholic school I was studying, I learned about the virtue of temperance. At first, I didn't understand the meaning of the word, so, I researched for it. Having understood it, the next thing I had to learn was how to apply it. But I didn't know how.

Perhaps, it was instinct or something else. I turned to prayer by quieting down. What I didn't know that what I was doing was meditating.

I learned to control my temper. Whenever I felt that the violent side of me was about to overpower me, I would sneak out to a chapel; if none was around, to any quiet place. There I would feel my heart pumping furiously and warmth would crawl from the soles of my feet to the crown of my head. Tears would well around my eyes, but actually, my eyes were dry.

In my mind, I would recall two words repeatedly: God and temperance. In a few minutes, my breathing would start to relax until my whole body, mind, and heart were in harmony again.

This practice went on and on not being aware that what I was doing was a form of meditation.