Eventual Signs

I received an order yesterday. (My eStore is at amikvs.com.) Thought, it was a lucky day. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough money to buy the item. I counted my savings. It was just enough. Good thing I was able to buy the item. I delivered the item a while ago. I had to wait for an hour. I thought my only sale would become nada. I left the bank hoping that my customer would call again. As I walked away, a bike almost hit me. I continued to walk. As I crossed a street, a car almost hit me. Must be an unlucky day. I thought to myself, maybe in a few hours, my luck would peak. A few minutes later, my customer called up. I went back to her office. I made the sale.

A series of events could tell us something. They may not be related to each other, but maybe, there could be a message or a warning. :)