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Frequencies And Transformation

Words, music, our body, indeed the entire universe is nothing more than vibration of energy. The rate this energy vibrates is called the frequency. Emotions, people and even planets differ from each other, and everything else, because of their unique vibrational frequency.

Therefore by 'tuning' your brain to certain frequencies using BWE and other techniques, it is possible to experience different states of consciousness, as well as stimulating certain brain functions such as creativity or mood enhancement. There are also other 'sacred' frequencies which are said to contain the power of creation and transformation.

Learn more about frequencies and transformation here.

Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments

If you love relaxing with soothing beautiful music, you would love Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments.

You can download the complete #1 best seller Schumann Resonance: Unforgettable Moments album for freeon this site.

"Tune into the frequency of earth - the Schumann Resonance at 7.83 Hz. Also known as the heartbeat of Earth, benefits of listening include enhanced reading/learning and rejuvenation. It can also help you feel balanced, grounded, whilst calming and focusing the mind. Blended with some stunning modern classical music." - Mind Power MP3

Click here to download the full album for free.

Side notes. Mind Power Mp3 is not owned by a corporation, rather by just a small team of 5 people from around the world. They are not seeking to maximize profits. Their aim is to help as many people as possible to benefit from their mp3s. Nevertheless, they do have an affiliate program to help them market and spread the benefits of their audio products. If you want to learn more …

Eventual Signs

I received an order yesterday. (My eStore is at Thought, it was a lucky day. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough money to buy the item. I counted my savings. It was just enough. Good thing I was able to buy the item. I delivered the item a while ago. I had to wait for an hour. I thought my only sale would become nada. I left the bank hoping that my customer would call again. As I walked away, a bike almost hit me. I continued to walk. As I crossed a street, a car almost hit me. Must be an unlucky day. I thought to myself, maybe in a few hours, my luck would peak. A few minutes later, my customer called up. I went back to her office. I made the sale.

A series of events could tell us something. They may not be related to each other, but maybe, there could be a message or a warning. :)