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When No Attraction Works

I've had 8 cellphones but none of them was personally bought by me. All of them were gifts or hand-me-downs. I'm not a cellphone fanatic. I'm no texter either. I use a cellphone because somebody gave me one.

My very first cellphone was one of the earlier Nokia models - the one that's heavy that you can drop a number of times and would still work. It was a hand-me-down from my sister. After a year, that kind of cellphone was something you would be ashamed to use. People called it something you throw to your misbehaving husband. I wished someday, I would have a newer one.

One of my clients then gave me one. This one was a lighter Nokia model. It wasn't new. Her son found it at school. With that, I handed down my old one to my brother. Another year passed, my sister handed down her old cellphone to me, so, again I handed down mine to my brother, who handed his to his son.

Another year passed, my sister gave me another cellphone because she was moving to the USA. It…