When No Attraction Works

Nokia C6 Unlocked GSM Phone with Easy E-mail Setup, Side-Sliding Touchscreen, QWERTY, 5 MP Camera, and Free Ovi Maps Navigation (Black)I've had 8 cellphones but none of them was personally bought by me. All of them were gifts or hand-me-downs. I'm not a cellphone fanatic. I'm no texter either. I use a cellphone because somebody gave me one.

My very first cellphone was one of the earlier Nokia models - the one that's heavy that you can drop a number of times and would still work. It was a hand-me-down from my sister. After a year, that kind of cellphone was something you would be ashamed to use. People called it something you throw to your misbehaving husband. I wished someday, I would have a newer one.

One of my clients then gave me one. This one was a lighter Nokia model. It wasn't new. Her son found it at school. With that, I handed down my old one to my brother. Another year passed, my sister handed down her old cellphone to me, so, again I handed down mine to my brother, who handed his to his son.

Another year passed, my sister gave me another cellphone because she was moving to the USA. It's a new Nokia model but with no camera features. At least, the LCD was in color. In time, the cellphone was already showing signs of malfunction. I couldn't have it repaired because it was not priority. One December, I lost that cellphone to a pickpocket while on a train.

For many months, I had no cellphone. I couldn't afford to buy one and I didn't care. Before there was pager, we survived without mobile phones. So, having no cellphone was no big deal for me. My friends could not keep in touch with me. At least, even for a short period, my world was quiet.

After a few months, my other sister allowed me use her old cellphone. A few days after, my other sister won rewards from Globe - it's an old myPhone model with camera features. She gave that to me. So for the first time, I possessed a new cellphone.

A few days after, my friend in US learned that I lost my cellphone. So, she handed me down her old Samsung phone. Now, I have two cellphones. My sister-in-law in California also learned that I lost my cell, so she bought one for me - a Motorola unit that was on sale for $10. Now, I have three cellphones. Last September, I was surprised to receive a message from GMA New Media. I won a Nokia cellphone from the SOPWIN promo (a text and win promo by SOP, a Sunday show on TV). So, now I have four cellphones. I gave one to my nephew, and kept the two until needed. I was happy and grateful.

When I lost my cell, I didn't bother to buy one. Not only that I couldn't afford it, but also, I wasn't interested. But in my mind, maybe someday I would have one. Indeed, a few months after, I received not just one but four cellphones without spending a single cent. All I did was go on with my cellphone-less life. There was even no conscious or unconscious effort wish or desire to attract a cellphone.

So, was there a law of attraction there? Simply, God blessed me even if I was not asking for it.