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Gratitude and Serendipity

With only 200 pesos on hand, I spent P88 to buy detergent. I felt a miracle was coming and that God would provide my needs. Last March 19, I prayed at Mass on the Feast of St. Joseph. After the mass, prayed-over pieces of bread were distributed to the community. It was called St. Joseph's bread. It was the first time that it was done in our parish.

I brought home a piece of bread, cut it into 9 slices and shared it with the ones at home. In my heart, I felt the bread was going to bring us food or blessings daily. A few days ago, we were all like starving at home. We didn't have enough money to buy food for us. It's kind of pathetic but I was being positive. I bought 1.5 liters of Coke to made us feel that as if we had nothing to eat more.

With P200 on hand, I saved P100 for the detergent and the remaining to buy lotto tickets. I was feeling lucky today. Before I went home, I stopped by an ATM. I thought I should check my account. With a quick prayer, a wish, and a visualiz…