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When No Attraction Works

I've had 8 cellphones but none of them was personally bought by me. All of them were gifts or hand-me-downs. I'm not a cellphone fanatic. I'm no texter either. I use a cellphone because somebody gave me one.

My very first cellphone was one of the earlier Nokia models - the one that's heavy that you can drop a number of times and would still work. It was a hand-me-down from my sister. After a year, that kind of cellphone was something you would be ashamed to use. People called it something you throw to your misbehaving husband. I wished someday, I would have a newer one.

One of my clients then gave me one. This one was a lighter Nokia model. It wasn't new. Her son found it at school. With that, I handed down my old one to my brother. Another year passed, my sister handed down her old cellphone to me, so, again I handed down mine to my brother, who handed his to his son.

Another year passed, my sister gave me another cellphone because she was moving to the USA. It…

Gratitude and Serendipity

With only 200 pesos on hand, I spent P88 to buy detergent. I felt a miracle was coming and that God would provide my needs. Last March 19, I prayed at Mass on the Feast of St. Joseph. After the mass, prayed-over pieces of bread were distributed to the community. It was called St. Joseph's bread. It was the first time that it was done in our parish.

I brought home a piece of bread, cut it into 9 slices and shared it with the ones at home. In my heart, I felt the bread was going to bring us food or blessings daily. A few days ago, we were all like starving at home. We didn't have enough money to buy food for us. It's kind of pathetic but I was being positive. I bought 1.5 liters of Coke to made us feel that as if we had nothing to eat more.

With P200 on hand, I saved P100 for the detergent and the remaining to buy lotto tickets. I was feeling lucky today. Before I went home, I stopped by an ATM. I thought I should check my account. With a quick prayer, a wish, and a visualiz…