Parable of the Talents

The Holy Bible tells us many secrets. The Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30) reveals what we have to do with whatever we have, not only the material possessions but also our talents, skills, knowledge, kindness, wisdom, and all other blessings that we receive. This is the Law of Generosity that God teaches us  to share our "talents". By sharing our material "talents", we give old stuff away to those who need them more. If there's something we're no longer using, let others use it rather than keep it inside a storage room. Pass your talents to those who have the same interest. Teach your skills to those who need to learn. Impart your knowledge and wisdom so that they, too, may learn the secrets of life. Use your money. Spend it, not only for yourself but for others as well. Share it. Give it. Yes, save your money but make sure somebody benefits it when you die; otherwise, the bank keeps it for good.

Money is a piece of paper that is involved in a cycle. It has to pass from one person to another. The more and the faster you pass it on to others, the more and the faster it comes back to you. Imagine if there's only one $100 bill that all the people in a cycle group have to use, you have to pass this on as fast as you could so that it goes back to you as soon as possible. If each time the dollar bill reaches your hand, you buy a sack of rice or wheat, imagine how many sacks can you buy if that dollar bill passes to your hand a hundred times in a short time. And, it is just the same $100 bill.