What You Missed In the Law of Attraction

Perhaps, you've seen the movie "The Secret." It amazed you and you tried it; but then, it didn't worked.

This talk by Gregg Braden answers what is missing in the "The Secret" or maybe what "The Secret" has not told us. What is good about Braden's talk is that he married science and religion. In other words, what science and religion or spirituality is saying is one and the same.

This is a 4-hour video via YouTube. I suggest that you pause every hour and allow the new information to sink in.



If You Believe

The Holy Bible speaks of many secrets. If you could believe ordinary and wealthy people who speak of law of attraction, cosmic ordering, etc, why not believe in God or the prophets? The Bible is a written document authored by wise men of the early centuries. Books about getting rich and other self-help books were written by the men and women of today who wanted to share their experiences about the law of attraction and related subjects. Most of them believe in God; and believe in the importance of believing in God. For Christians, Jesus is God. For non-Christians, Jesus is a prophet. For non-believers, you can look at Jesus as an ordinary man of wisdom who lived 2000 years ago. The Bible says that when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, he said ~
If you believe, you will see the glory of God.


Secret of Prosperity ~ Be Generous Genuinely

You have heard
To Give is To Receive
It is in Giving that You Receive
When you Give, expect Nothing in Return
The More You Give, the More You Receive
Whoever said these words may have experienced in their lives that the more they give, the more they receive.
God Bless A Happy Giver
But how do you give? When you give, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. It means that you shouldn't publish, promote, and boast the charity and generosity that you have done. In short, keep it to yourself. Keep it a secret because
Your Heavenly Father who sees what is kept secret will reward you.
Be a genuine giver. Do not give for the purpose of expecting something in return. Do not give for the purpose of publicity and for the purpose of lessening your taxes.


Smell Money - Manifest Money Series # 1

I've heard so much about LOA-law-of-attraction brouhaha. I don't know if it has ever been true or proven really. Neither I could prove it for the simple reason that I don't know how to do it.

In another perspective,  I don't think this so called LOA gurus will ever tell the truth or the so called secret. Bottom line is that if you want to know the "secret", you have to buy their books. Oh, yeah! Nice marketing.

If I knew how to do it, I would tell everything to everyone, so to speak, without you buying any book.

Anyway, I'm a writer and what I do is research. I'm a bit geeky that I'd rather read operation manuals than novel books. In fact, at home, there's a complete series of Harry Potter novel books. I opened the last of the series, which is ... I don't know what title was that ... perhaps "Harry Potter..." That after reading the first paragraph of chapter 1, I jumped – a high jump, indeed – to the last chapter to read the very last paragraph. I haven't opened a novel book since then.

Now, back to law of attraction. I ask awhile ago, "Is there really a way to manifest money really quickly?" Hmm! Let's see what people say about it.

Welcome to Manifest Money Series.

And this is number 1 (which means, first of the series; not necessarily mean the best or topmost). Based on research, which I would share visually, one way is to —

Smell Money

Each time you get hold of newly printed bills, smell the money. Memorize the smell. Get familiar with the smell. Put it in your brain. It's like you are putting data to your brain. It's not hard to do it. If someone wears your perfume, you exactly that it is your favorite perfume because you are familiar with the scent. You know it by heart. Apply the same thing with the scent of money. Be familiar with it.

Now, don't smell the old bills. They're full of bacteria. You wouldn't like the odor. Smell the new ones – the ones that come out right from the mouth of ATM. At least, with newly printed bills, there may be just traces of germs. Bankers do not touch them with bare hands. They were gloves to protect their hands from cuts. Yes, a new bill can cut like a knife.

Once you are already familiar with the scent of money, practice a little everyday recalling the smell of newly printed crisp bills even if you are not holding the money. If you cannot do it everyday, it's just fine. Don't stress yourself. You can do it occasionally or even just in a passing thought.

That's it.

Let others know if it worked for you by leaving a comment below. If it didn't, leave a comment as well.

Good luck!


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Ed. I recently took an IQ test on IQ Test Labs, and I was surprised to have an IQ grade of 135 (Wechsler scale). A score of 130-144 is considered "gifted". Higher than 144 is considered "genius".


Your Self Image Contributes In Achieving Your Goals

Megan Young, as a child, had a habit of walking and pretending that she was a model and a beauty queen. She was not dreaming of becoming one. She simply acted like one. Some twenty years after, Miss World crowned her as Miss World 2013.
China Crowning The Philippines - Prophetic?

In the book "The Magic Of Believing", it told a story about a young American girl who believed that she was a princess. Many years after, a prince in India fell in love with her and they got married.

In an airport, after a tour abroad, the customs did not open the boxes that the traveler, who was not a rich guy but looked like a wealthy man, brought with him. His friend, who was a wealthy person but looked like a poor person, had all his boxes and luggage opened and inspected scrutinizingly by the customs officer. (You don't have to wear jewelry and expensive signature clothes in order to look rich.)

Back in college, my classmates thought that I was rich. I never argued with them. I let them believed that I was rich even if I was not. When I was working in the corporate world, the people around me believed the same. They believed I was a rich man. But I never disagreed with them. I simply allowed them to continuously believe that I was a wealthy person even if I was simply an ordinary man. Why did they believe as such? Upon learning that I lived in a city popularly known as a city for the wealthy, they automatically believed that I was wealthy as well. Not knowing, that in that city, there lived poor families as well.

Being a poor guy, back in college, I believed that I didn't have to look poor, dress up like a peasant, and behave like an uneducated person for the reason that I was in fact a poor guy. I dressed up like a rich man. I behaved like a rich man -- cultured and educated. I speak with manners and follow good etiquettes. I observed how wealthy people behave and move. I read materials about good manners, etc. I believed inside me that I was I rich guy even if in truth I was not. For that reason, people regarded me as a rich person. I took that as a complement and would simply return a smile. My belief was that a poor person doesn't have to look and behave like a poor man; otherwise, that would be double jeopardy.

Self image is important. If you carry yourself with a self image that exudes who you want to be someday, better start believing now. As far as self development is concerned, who you want to be now is what you are.